Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital Winter Wonderland Apparel

The Who: Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital

The What: Winter Wonderland Apparel

The When: December 2023

The Story:

In a heartwarming display of community support, the Nonprofit Nest became a lifeline for the Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital in preparation for the much-anticipated United Airlines Fantasy Flight 2023. Facing a critical shortage of hooded sweatshirts and Santa Claus hats, the hospital turned to the Nonprofit Nest for assistance. Swiftly responding to the urgent need, volunteers and advocates banded together, working tirelessly to ensure that each child boarding the “fantasy flight” would not only receive the iconic holiday headwear but also snug hoodies, setting the stage for a truly festive and magical journey.

But the story didn’t end there. The Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital loved the initial batch of hats so much that they became a must-have for their Christmas party too. In a whirlwind rush that started on a Wednesday afternoon, the Nonprofit Nest faced the daunting task of producing 350 hats by Sunday morning. Amidst tight deadlines, the team embarked on an incredible mission, sending the hats for embroidery on an overnight delivery, completing them by Friday morning—a remarkable achievement in itself. However, a twist in the tale unfolded as the eagerly awaited package mysteriously went undelivered. Hours turned into an anxious wait, reviewing security footage, liaising with Uber, and desperately searching for the missing hats. It wasn’t until Saturday evening, at 5:30 PM, that the Uber driver was finally located. Showing unparalleled dedication, the head of Strategic Planning personally intervened, arranging for the hats’ retrieval and ensuring their prompt delivery to the hospital.

This saga underscores the unwavering commitment of the Nonprofit Nest not just as a vendor but as dedicated partners invested in their customers’ happiness. Their tireless efforts and relentless dedication epitomize the lengths they go to in ensuring that every detail is perfected, embodying the true spirit of dedication and partnership.

A Christmas Miracle indeed.

American Legion Local Post Fundraiser….A Simple Success

Coming off two very successful months, Local American Legion Posts in both Illinois and Florida are now taking advantage of the Nonprofit Nest Customized Apparel Fundraisers. Local American Legion posts can now take a stress-free approach to fundraising due to the no up front fees, customized design and hold no inventory for their customized apparel fundraisers. Each order donates back to the Local Post but has now been EXPANDED and approved to donate back to the state department as an additional fundraiser as well.

Marty Conatser, Department Adjutant, Department of Illinois  had this to say having recently received approval from the IL Legion State Finance and Executive Board.

“The American Legion Department of Illinois is proud to partner with Nonprofit Nest, to launch the Local Post Customized Apparel Fundraiser and empower Illinois Legions, Units, and Squadrons to fundraise in a more exclusive way. Nonprofit Nest commitment toward upholding the National requirements of our American Legion brandmark – as well as requesting each Post gain their limited license via Emblem Sales – we have full confidence that raising funds for your Local Posts is just the beginning. It’s an incredible opportunity for Local Posts across the state to raise funds on their own terms; funds for the Local Post and State are guaranteed with every customized apparel item.  This joint success allows Local Posts, Units and Squadrons to have their own customized apparel while capturing additional fundraising dollars throughout the year.”
It’s a simple process to get started, but take a look here to see how it all comes together. Local Post Customized Apparel Fundraiser How To Video
We work with Local Post’s to enforce the American Legion Brandmark and ensure it is used properly for any apparel items that are created. All posts must receive this approval prior to any fundraising efforts get started. If you’d like to see how these local Post Fundraisers can help your Post, it’s as simple as filling out this form at and we’ll reach out to you to get you started on your own Post fundraising efforts.

American Legion Selects Nonprofit Nest for Fundraiser

American Legion Post 690 in Palatine, IL is the first to kick off their local post fundraiser utilizing Nonprofit Nest, a Concierge Fundraising company that supports all 501c Non-Profit and Charitable entities. Exclusively for the American Legion offering customized Local Post T-Shirts and Sweatshirts made from 100% American materials. By offering these customized apparel items to their members, each Post can now add a personalized touch to their fundraising efforts. With the purchase of these shirts, 23% of all proceeds will go directly back to the Post.

In addition to providing a unique fundraiser idea, Nonprofit Nest makes the process incredibly easy and stress-free for each Legion Post that decides to participate. The unique selling point of this program is that it doesn’t just run for one month or have an end date; it’s an ongoing initiative throughout the year. Nonprofit Nest handles everything, from creating an online store with custom designs specific to each post, taking orders and payments, printing the apparel and then shipping them directly to customers’ homes or businesses. Once all items are sold for that month, Nonprofit Nest then sends out a check directly to each Post for its portion of proceeds. This eliminates all the stress involved in fundraising which allows more time for the Post to focus on their individual projects.

“We selected Nonprofit Nest to run our fundraiser because it was easy. We didn’t have to pay anything upfront or store bulk buy shirts in bins like we used to. Nonprofit Nest offered an effective way for any American Legion Posts such as our Post to fundraise without having to worry about any extra hassles. It’s a no brainer” said Tom Seick, Post 690 Liaison. “Our members loved the quality of the items and that they had something custom for our Post. Our Executive Board loved that each item was made in America and that we can run this fundraiser with funds coming in each month all year long.”

Are you ready to get your organizations fundraiser started? Contact us today and we’ll make you the next success story with Nonprofit Nest!!!

2022 Veterans Day Memorial Donation

Nothing feels better than giving back to the community that has supported us for decades!

Jenell and I truly have a soft spot in our hearts for our Veterans, those that give selflessly, regardless of the circumstances and potential life-threatening consequences.

501cTees donated 100 polo shirts for the Veterans of The School District of Palm Beach County at their 2022 Veterans Day Memorial. We know that this is not enough, but it was what we could do to show our appreciation and give back to those that have given so much and for those that will continue to do so.

Being announced as the ‘2021 District-Wide Vendor of The Year For SDPBC’, was a major milestone for us and we have enjoyed partnerships with many different departments in many of the SDPBC schools.  We are driven to continually support their mission by bringing a corporate approach to supporting the departments with a concierge touch to an organizations that deserves to be given the reciprocal support they provide.

A school District like this needs scalability, but quality and philanthropy cannot be diminished and we intend to be here to help every step of the way.

What a great experience to be asked by the The School District of Palm Beach County to sponsor the Veterans employed by the district with their commemorative branded polos. Feeling the support of the Chief of Police and Superintendent Burke is an honor of which we will never forget.

501cTees is, and always will be here, to support our Vets and our community!!

With Love and Respect For Our Community,

Scott and Jenell Harris

Panther Run VPK Classes

When an old friend and former teacher of your child says, “Since Covid we haven’t been able to have any fundraisers for our classroom supplies and kids”, you just dig deep into the marketing funds and send them all TeamVPK Tees.

Ann Beida Greenspan keep our kids learning and loving school!!

Who – Panther Run VPK Classes

What – Donated 60 shirts and 10 Sweatshirts

When – October 2022

Story – When an old friend and former teacher of your child says, “Since Covid we haven’t been able to have any fundraisers for our classroom supplies and kids”,  you just dig deep into the marketing funds and send them all TeamVPK Tees.

Joe DiMaggio Children’s Pediatric Cancer Department

Who – Joe DiMaggio Children’s Pediatric Cancer Department

What – Light The Night Campaign at JDCH

When – September 2022

Total Donated: $1,656.30

136 Total Shirts Sold.

2 Weeks.

Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation has funded over 1,000 grants at nearly 150 institutions.


Memorial Health Systems

Who – Memorial Health Systems

What – Walk for American Diabetes Assoc

When – September 2022

Total Donated: $ 4,637.30

Step Out Walk to Stop Diabetes® fundraising has supported our efforts to advocate on behalf of over 37.3 million Americans living with diabetes, fund research to bring us closer to a cure and provide resources to health care professionals and anyone impacted by this disease. Your donation will have impact for years to come.

Ntyuka Primary School-Dodoma

Who – Ntyuka Primary School-Dodoma

What – Helped facilitate a donation for 830 backpacks for a new school in Africa

When – August 2022

The mission started with training of the healthcare workers at Dodoma Christian Medical Center. The training included Help the baby breathe; Effective Chest Compression; Respiratory Management for Post Operative Care; Gestational Diabetes and Its Impact on Newborn Health. Operating Room Etiquettes, and Newborn Thermoregulation.  Then Team QHSC went to Ntyuka Primary School and met 1547 children where dental hygiene and effective hand washing techniques were taught. Backpacks and school supplies, tooth brushes and toothpaste were provided to the children and teachers.

Wellington Colts Baseball

Who – Wellington Colts Baseball #PinkItOut

What – Fundraiser for Colts Baseball Jerseys

When – September 2022

Story – Was able to Fundraise for the Wellington Colts Baseball program.  Money went back to the Club for future gear.