NEW!!! Season 2 of The 501cTV Show & Podcast Launches

Coming off of a very successful and Star Studded Season 1, The 501cTV Show & Podcast hosted by Jenell Harris kicks of Season 2 with a one on one with the Executive Director and Co-Founder of The Hands and Feet, Bailey Hughes – striving to be “the hands and feet” that deliver resources to all children and families impacted by the child welfare system.   In this episode of 501cTV with Jenell Harris, Bailey chats about the ultimate need of providing essential items to children and families in need, the quick explosion of growth and the stories that simply need to be told, even if they are hard to hear. The Hands and Feet …

  • Provides quality items to the families we serve so they know they are worthy.
  • Creates a community of support for families who feel undeserving.
  • Believes that every person should know they are loved and supported despite their circumstances.
  • Believes that children should be given a voice in their story.
  • Serves the most vulnerable children and families in our community.
The 501cTV Show and Podcast with Jenell Harris, the podcast that talks to systems change leaders, thought leaders, Non-Profits and Non-Profit partners, discussing what’s new in the industry.
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