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About The Show

The 501cTV Show, the podcast and vlog hosted by Jenell Harris, CEO of Nonprofit Nest. Jenell sits down with system change leaders, thought leaders, non-profits, and non-profit partners like yourself to discuss what’s new in the industry and how organizations of all sizes can move the mission forward effectively. Whether you’ve been in the industry for decades or have been thinking of starting your own non-profit, this show has something for everyone, including the firsthand scoop on the season’s highly anticipated events and galas.

About Jenell

Jenell Harris is the ally in driving positive change for non-profit organizations. With over 15 years of expertise in sales and account management, Jenell’s journey began in the tech industry, partnering with Fortune 500 companies. Her recent decade-and-a-half tenure in Dental sales equipped her with an adept understanding of capital equipment and launching new products across North America.

Jenell’s passion has always been marrying cutting-edge technology with stellar customer service, empowering clients to overcome challenges and foster business growth. At Nonprofit Nest, she champions a mission to effectively work in tandem with non-profits to get their mission out there. Her innovative solutions seamlessly integrate fundraising, offering a new paradigm in ease and efficiency.

Originally from the Windy City, Jenell, her family, and their four dogs now call sunny South Florida home. Actively involved in the Wellington Chamber of Commerce and other non-profit committee opportunities, she embodies community engagement.

When away from the office, Jenell’s a fervent supporter of her cherished Chicago Bears, Cubs, and Fighting Irish teams. But beyond sports, her heart lies in travel escapades and treasured moments shared with family and friends, for whom she carves out invaluable time.

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