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501cTees: NOT Fundraising….Fun-raising!

We have a problem with the term fundraising, it is FUNdamentally (see what I did there?) devoid of anything appealing and or FUN! There is a level of uncertainty and questions with every fundraiser. Will we make enough for our cause? How much effort is this going to take? Will the amount raised equal the amount of time we’ve invested to support our cause? How do I get the exposure to truly make this a successful effort to make an impact? We know fundraising takes your valuable time, effort, energy and constant promotion to make it work.

Our sole mission is to take the headache out of raising money for philanthropic events/organizations and have been doing so for over 20 years!

501cTees is the answer to streamline and take a “hands off” approach to all things good, bad and ugly when it comes to fundraisers. We live and breathe fundraising efforts helping foundations, institutions, charities and philanthropic entities like yours on a daily basis. We have seen it, heard it, been through it, conquered it and also “got the T-Shirt” for simplifying fundraising campaigns you are looking to venture into. Think of us as your fundraising concierge. If you have questions, we have answers. If you don’t know where to start, just reach out…we’d love to help your cause. You shouldn’t have to take on your campaign alone, let’s do it together and have the others wonder why your campaign was so successful.

Fun-raising through ‘Tee Shirts’ is a great way to get people involved in your cause, it draws awareness/support just by being worn, and you decide what portion of your proceeds go directly back to the cause. This puts you in control of exactly how much your fundraiser will make and there is no more “guessing” on the funds coming in from this effort. You’ll know before we even print one shirt- how many supporters you need, how much your campaign will make and how much your donation will be. It’s that simple. We take pride in supplying our “white glove concierge” treatment through the entire process by putting you in the driver seat and working directly with you and your team to meet your needs, goals and accomplish your fundraising efforts each and every time you engage with us.

Your success is our success. From small hometown fundraisers to large, global awareness campaigns, we want to help. Let us show you how easy it is and let’s go raise some funds!!! The benefits of this type of funding campaign are that it helps people give back and it is an easy way to fundraise.

How we find you funding and make it simple:
  • Step 1: Let us help you create your 501cTee shirt design
  • Step 2: Let us custom build your website & sell them online
  • Step 3: Get your shirts and donation check delivered right to your door

It truly is that simple and the results can be extremely positive not only from a team building and awareness perspective, but let’s talk turkey…you can take care of some financial gaps in the process.

Some of our happy Fun-raising partners:
  • Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital – Pediatric Cancer Department – Money Raised +$1,600 3wks
  • Memorial Health Systems – Diabetes and Nutrition – Money Raised +$5,300 wks
How we treat our partners:
  • Panther Run Elementary VPK – No Fundraising in 2 Years due to COVID – 501cTees donated all promotional gear at no charge to ensure that they could get a solid financial base for their philanthropic projects.

501cTees providing people with a way to give back and do good in the world, one ‘Tee Shirt’ at a time!

501cTees is powered by e30Apparel – Palm Beach County School’s Vendor of the year 2021

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